A Room with a Groom

Will these star-crossed lovers make it to the church on time?

Ben Mosby, a former member of an outlaw motorcycle club, has reformed his life. As the sheriff of Kingsmill, VA, he’s determined to keep his small mountain town safe, and he’s given his heart to Sophie Sinclair, the only woman he’s ever loved. But on the eve of their of their long-awaited wedding, a rival outlaw MC from Ben’s old life roars back, carrying a violent grudge.

Sophie has overcome poverty, homelessness, and an outlaw biker ex-boyfriend. And now that she’s been reunited with Ben, the love of her life, she won’t allow any of that sadness to define her future. She’s even found the perfect wedding dress in a town hours away from Kingsmill. But as they return for their rehearsal dinner, their future is put to the ultimate test. 

With forest fires raging and outlaw bikers chasing them, their journey to the altar becomes a desperate fight for survival. Old demons resurface and alliances are tested. But when they seek refuge in an isolated cabin, surrounded by danger, Sophie must decide if their love is strong enough to douse the flames of their past. If not, she may lose Ben forever. 

This Kingsmill Courtships Novella will debut in the Craving My Roommate Anthology on July 23, 2024!

A Room with a Groom will appear in the Craving My Roommate limited romance anthology on 7/23/24.

This new roommate-to-lovers anthology will include different romance tropes such as fake dates, forced proximity, second chances, enemies to lovers, and weddings. Find out how some of your favorite romance couples will handle falling for their roommates in this collection of sexy-to-steamy romance novellas.

I know this is a bit confusing, and I didn’t mean for the books in this series to come out in a hodge-podgy way, but due to my traditional publishing submission dates which keep changing, as well as trying to keep up my own indie pub dates and general life chaos, these novellas haven’t been published in order–yet. My goal is to have them all finished and in Kindle Unlimited by the end of 2025. Your patience, dear reader, is much appreciated! 

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