I can’t believe it’s the last week of Iron Rack’s Movie Night!

I know last week I said there was no dessert coming, but that’s because I was stressed about getting my third book in the Deadly Force series done. But book 3 is in and I was in a good mood! So tonight we’re serving a classic southern dish: Banana Pudding. I can already hear the cheers coming from the patio!

Nate ~ “We’re just about to eat Banana Pudding (my favorite) when I decided to check out where we were going to watch the movie. I assumed we’d be watching it on the big TV in Calum’s family room. So imagine how surprised I was to discover Calum has a mini-theater in the house!

I’d decided on Young Frankenstein for tonight’s movie, but then I found Calum’s collection of classic horror flicks . . . still on reel film. When I uncovered the 1974 Jun Fukuda version of GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA, I knew that’s what we had to watch. A perfect ending to a perfect night.


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