I’m so excited about tomorrow because it’s the day that Hope for Ukraine, an anthology of stories filled with hope and love, releases. This collection of short stories includes Forever and Always, my short story that takes places in the Deadly Force world. There are stories for everyone in this anthology from sweet to funny to quirky. A few stories tie in to existing series with favorite characters and there are some stand-alone stories as well.

Per the publisher: “The struggles faced by the Ukrainian people are grave, their situation heart-wrenching. But their bravery during these dark days has been a light that has captivated and won the hearts of the world. 

The stories compiled in Hope for Ukraine seek to capture the essence of resilience and courage that we see daily in the Ukrainian people. This anthology includes tales of perseverance, overcoming insurmountable odds, sacrifice, tenacity, and redemption from a variety of genres. While no one knows what the future holds, one thing is clear: the road forward for Ukraine will be a difficult one. As such, all proceeds from sales of Hope for Ukraine will be donated to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, in the hopes that we, too, can be a beacon of light, love, and hope for those facing darkness and despair.”

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release, here are a few of the blurbs from the included short stories. We hope you enjoy the stories as much as well loved writing them!

Deep Roots by Kate Seger

Deep Roots by Kate Seger follows an unnamed woman and her four-year-old daughter as they embark upon a harrowing journey to flee their war-torn homeland. This tale embodies the spirit of refugees everywhere – forced to leave their homes and family behind with only the possessions they can carry in their arms – a testament to the strength of the human spirit. 

A Sunrise on Occupied Lands by F. Stephan

Freed Alonia is peaceful now. And how could it be otherwise when every caught opponent is booby trapped? When any dissident can be transformed, through wiring and remote control, into an agent of the occupying forces? What could Dom, a village’s doctor old and alone, do to fight back?

Love Letter by Tracy Broemmer

Love Letter by Tracy Broemmer is a contemporary romance about Hunter who is in love with his best friend; he has been for a while. She’s pushed him away each time he’s hinted at anything more than friendship. Tonight, Hunter lays it all on the line with a love letter. All she has to do is say yes. Sloane is afraid to lose her best friend if they try love and fail. But she’s running out of time. Hunter is moving across the country to start a new life—unless she says yes. Let him leave and lose him? Or gamble at love and see what happens?

Sunflowers are Yellow by Kim Adkins

Sunflowers are Yellow by Kim Adkins follows Doctor Stan Bubbles as he was eight and a half years before his debut novel. About a year and a half prior he had returned to Farysha, his home country, after spending most of his life studying abroad at the top universities. What he found was not what he remembered from his childhood; a totalitarian dictatorship that now had him trapped within the borders. Feeling that he has no other choice, he continues his work as a doctor under a different surname, slowly loosing hope in the world around him. That is, until a small refugee is flown in and needs his help.

Battle of a Lifetime by Lore Nicole

Battle of a Lifetime by Lore Nicole is a short memoir piece on Lore’s personal fight with endometriosis. She hopes to provide information, hope, and even solidarity to others that may also be struggling.

Trust Your Instincts by Lauren Hanson

Trust Your Instincts by Lauren Hanson is a short memoir piece on a mother and her young son’s battle with the unknown. This story is for those who see their children suffering but doctors shrug off their concerns. Lauren fought for answers and little Jr will now be five this July.

Forever and Always by Sharon Wray

Forever and Alway by Sharon Wray is about Juliet Capel, a woman from a remote southern sea isle shrouded in history and secrets, who has always feared the Capel curse. A centuries-old story that says a Capel woman will never find happiness with a man from the Montfort family. Yet, despite the threats of death and destruction, she’s determined to marry Rafe Montfort, the only man she’s ever loved. Except her father won’t walk her down the aisle, the people of the isle refuse to come to the wedding, and a missing package means she’s a bride without a dress. 

Green Beret Rafe Montfort is determined to marry the woman he’s adored his entire life. But first he has to convince the people of Isle of Grace, where they both grew up, to support Juliet on her wedding day despite an accused witch’s curse and her father’s fear of strange bowing men who roam the isle. Then Rafe must prove to Juliet the 17th century curse isn’t real and that risking her heart is the only way to find a forever-and-always kind of love. Even if it means leaving the isle, and everyone she loves, behind forever.

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