The Devil’s Renegades MC Romance series is connected to my Kingsmill Courtships series and my Deadly Force series as well as a super secret project I’m working on with my literary agents. Due to these factors, the publishing dates of the stories listed below could change.

This series, set in the remotest regions of Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountains, follows the members of an outlaw MC as they struggle to find–and keep–their place in the ever-changing world of outlaw motorcycle clubs. These are bad boy redemption stories filled with brotherhood betrayals, MC wars, forbidden loves, and passionate reconciliations.

These novels are a bit edgier (and sexier) than I normally write, and I hope you enjoy them!

The Darkest Renegade

Book 1

Is a lifetime of happiness worth betraying those you love?

Renegade’s Bet

Book 2 (coming 9/15/24)

Renegade’s Kiss

Book 3 (coming 9/17/24)

A Renegade for Christmas

Book 4 (coming 11/1/24)

To Love a Renegade

Book 5 (coming 3/20/25)

Renegade’s Escape

Book 6 (coming 5/22/25)

Renegade’s Demand

Book 7 (coming 6/20/25)

Renegade’s Property

Book 8 (coming Fall 2025)

Devil’s Renegades Series Reading Order

Each book in this series stands alone, but sometimes it’s just fun to read them in order.

  • The Darkest Renegade (Book 1)
  • Renegade’s Bet (Book 2 – coming 9/15/24)
  • Renegade’s Kiss (Book 3 – coming 9/17/24)
  • A Renegade for Christmas (Book 4 – coming 11/1/24)
  • To Love a Renegade (Book 5 – 3/20/25)
  • Renegade’s Escape (Book 6 – 5/22/25)
  • Renegade’s Demand (Book 7 – 6/22/25)
  • Renegade’s Property (Book 8 – Fall 2025)