It’s mid-August and I’m craving fresh produce like watermelon and corn. Because I’ve been on constant deadlines for the past few months, I’m also constantly craving coffee. Okay. Let’s be honest. I’m craving caffeine. But there’s another kind of craving that can be temporarily appeased yet never satisfied. And that craving is for new books and new-to-me authors. Since I’m always looking to add to my TBR list, preorders are an addiction around here. Especially when it comes to my own preorders. 🙂

Although next summer is about a year away, we all know how quickly years fly by. That means it’s never too late to begin planning 2024’s summer reading list, and today I have a perfect book to add: Craving My Roommate Limited Edition Romance Anthology. Not only is this collection of contemporary romances only .99 now (the preorder price), there are over 30 authors participating. Some stories will be steamier than others, and some stories may refer to characters from current popular romance series. With over 30 stories to choose from, I’m sure there’s a perfect summer romance for every reader.

There’s also the added excitement that the authors in this anthology are hoping this book makes the USA Today Bestsellers List on release day. That means the next 11 months will be all about preorders on all vendor platforms. Hitting a list is a huge amount of work for everyone involved, and we can’t do it without the help of our beloved readers. But hitting the list is so much fun, it’s worth all the effort and tears (yes, there will be tears) along the way!

I can’t wait to share my story in this collection, A Room with a Groom, with you all! It’s a story in my Kingsmill Courtships Contemporary Romance Novella Series and includes a roommate debacle that may (or may not) ruin a much-anticipated wedding. The Craving My Roommate cover and all the other details will be coming soon. But for right now the preorder link is up and ready to accept all the happy clicks. And thank you in advance for helping us make the list!

Preorder Craving My Roommate Here!

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