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I’m so excited about this summer’s Middle Grade and Young Adult reading list! There are a ton of new releases and some favorites recommended by readers. Today’s list is different from previous years’ as this is a compilation of the lists from 2014 forward. The lists prior to 2014 are in a different format and will take time to combine.

Also new to the list are books releasing later this summer that my reading army hasn’t read yet. I’ve included these books since they’re from familiar authors and the kids are counting the days until they come out.

Since there are so many new books on the list, below is just a small selection of what I’ve added.* But there are stories for every tween and teen. Zombies, proms, cute meets, friend and family drama, aliens, fairies, fairy tale retellings, and a lot more from popular, indie, and debut authors. So there’s something for even the pickiest reader.

For the complete printable list in a downloadable Word document, please click here: Summer 2016-mg_ya-list.

All of the books are available at Amazon, most at Barnes and Noble, and many at the public library.

Now for a sampling of the 2016 summer titles!

Young Adult Romance

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Young Adult Paranormal Romance

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Young Adult Romance Anthologies

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Young Adult Realistic Fiction


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Young Adult Science Fiction

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Young Adult Action/Adventure/Dystopian

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Young Adult Fantasy

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Young Adult Novellas

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Middle Grade Action/Adventure

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Middle Grade Non-Fiction

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Middle Grade Relationships

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I hope you all have a great summer of reading.IMG_5066

Now, I’d love to know if you have any books you’d like to add to the list!

Disclaimer: Some of these books are (or once were) controversial. Some older YAs have closed-door adult situations, and others (YA & MG) deal with harsh issues such as suicide, bullying, war, poverty, and loss of a parent. As a librarian, reader’s advisor, and mother, I’ve learned that tweens and teens tend to read within their comfort zone, both emotionally and reading-level wise. All of these books offer a chance for parents and kids to discuss which topics are appropriate now and which books are best left for another summer. But I hope you all find books that will give your family a summer of new adventures and imaginary friends.

*The books listed in this blog post and on the list are in no particular order, just grouped by general topic or subgenre.

All covers courtesy of Amazon. Feature photos courtesy of Sharon Wray.

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  1. Sharlene Wegner says:

    I have read some other young adult books that are really good. I love Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl! Also, Juliana Stone’s Boys Like You. There is a follow up to that called Some Kind of Normal, which I haven’t gotten to. My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick is another really good one. Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally. Sophie & Carter by Chelsea Fine.

    1. says:

      All great books, Sharlene! As my “reading army” reads them, I add them to the list. Too bad school gets in the way! 🙂

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