“My name is Juliet Capel, and I recently got married. Well, remarried. But the details have already been written about here so there’s no need to repeat myself. 🙂

My husband Rafe and I live in Savannah where Bridal Luncheons are a tradition. Bridal Luncheons are celebrations where the bride thanks her bridesmaids with gifts before the wedding frenzy begins. I would’ve thrown one . . . except there wasn’t time.

But now we’re home and one of my best friends, Calum Prioleau, is letting me host a belated Bridal Luncheon in his beautiful Savannah mansion while he and Rafe and Rafe’s buddies have their own bachelor lunch at a nearby hotel.

So I’d like to welcome you to my (month-long) Bridal Luncheon and introduce my guests: my Maid of Honor and other best friend Samantha Barclay, Miss Nell Habersham (who likes to think she’s my substitute mother), Sarah Munro (a historian who helped me save my friends), Charlotte Marun (married to one of Rafe’s buddies), and Maddie Ashton (the amazing designer who restored my mother’s wedding gown).

And the best part? I don’t have to cook! The six of us will be spending the day in Calum’s mansion being waited on by Calum’s butler Ivers and Calum’s cook aka Cook. To start, they’re serving appetizers in the sun-drenched drawing room where Ivers insists on making Cranberry & Pear Bellinis: Cranberry juice, pear nectar, and Prosecco. While we enjoy our cocktails, listen to the horse-drawn carriages go by outside, and talk about men, Cook brings in Shrimp Dip and a tray of sliced French and pumpernickel breads. It’s a perfect start to what I know will be a memorable day. I’m so glad you can join us.”


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