Today is Samantha Barclay’s last post for her Savannah Ghost Tour party. And she’s serving one of my favorite chocolate cookies Chocolate Ecstasies.

Samantha ~ “Everyone has finished dinner and I’ve just served coffee and dessert. I made my favorite chocolate cookie, Chocolate Ecstasies, that are not just amazing but they couldn’t be easier. A good thing since I have three jobs!

Now that we’ve eaten, talked, and listened to music, I’m trying to wrangle all the men and get them to follow me. It’s time to start the tour, but I think my pre-game ghost stories (stories that won’t be on the tour) have scared these big, sexy ex-Green Berets.

Nate, Pete, and Rafe are hiding in a corner eating the last of the chocolate cookies off a plate. Ty seems determined to keep the music going despite Cain’s attempt to “help”. Vane and Kells are arguing with Detective Garza about something (probably the issue the men of Iron Rack’s Gym have with causing public disturbances). Zack and Alex are trying to balance beer bottles (which they smuggled into my party!) on their noses. Calum is surrounded by Juliet, Charlotte, and Sarah where he’s regaling them with tall tales from the horrible years he lived north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

So I light my candle lantern, hop on a chair, and raise the light. Then I whistle loudly. (I’m a great whistler). When all eyes focus on me, I say, “Did you know Savannah is the most haunted city in America?” When no one responds, I smile and add, “Let’s go find some ghosts.”

I hope you enjoy these chocolate cookies. Thanks so much for joining us this month and I only wish you could come with us on the tour. It’s going to be fun and frightful!”


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