Detective Garza ~ “I know I said no one at my birthday party wanted dessert, but about an hour after dinner was over these Almond Cookies appeared on the table. I’m not a big dessert fan, but these cookies were wonderful. A combination of orange, vanilla, and almonds, they have a chewy outside and soft inside. They also taste great with the coffees that also magically appeared.

I suspect that the wait staff is trying to sober us up a bit since we’ve polished off the bottle of scotch and were loudly debating about what to order next. But the coffee and cookies are a perfect way to end this dinner with my boys. I’d almost forgotten that while my buddies have tomorrow morning off from work, I need to be at the police station by nine a.m.

But instead of leaving, I grab another two cookies in a silent protest. I’ll get in when I get in. In the meantime, it’s back to our conversation about our favorite subject: the women we love.”



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