Thanksgiving is almost here! As I rush around trying to get ready, I’m trying to remind myself that this time last year we weren’t even sure if we’d celebrate with our family. But now I have between 12-16 coming for dinner and I’m just taking a lot of deep breaths.

One of the things I’ve done to ease the stress is to prep my meals and my home ahead of time. And here at The Hungry {Romance} Writer, I’ve been sharing some of my family’s favorite recipes. Today’s recipe is one our favorite vegetable dishes: Green Beans with Toasted Hazelnut-Lemon Butter. And it’s definitely worth trying to get the freshest beans and lemons that you can find for this dish. One caveat though — this dish has to be the very last thing you prepare before you sit down to dinner. It must be served hot, gets cold quickly, and doesn’t reheat well. But it’s well worth the work!


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