For my Spring outdoor parties, especially those like grad parties that include a lot of young, hungry adults, I love to serve German Bratwurst. I simmer them first in a good German beer and then cook them quickly on the grill. I serve them on toasted rolls with a variety of mustards and sauerkraut. It also goes great with my favorite German Potato Salad!

For my son and his buddies, I allow 3 bratwursts per person. The women usually only eat 1 bratwurst, and a few people will eat 2. So I figure out how many people are coming and roughly double that number for the number of brats I will need. I always prefer to have extras because they reheat really well and make an easy leftover lunch to bring to work. The great thing about this recipe is that if you simmer the brats first, they only need to be grilled for a few minutes. And since it’s always raining here in Virginia in May, it’s easy to run out and grill in between rain showers.

I hope you all are enjoying this Spring, and that the weather is warm enough to spend outside!


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