It’s the Friday night before Halloween, that means it’s time for my annual Hocus Pocus movie (the original!) watch party! This year, since there’s just a few of us, I’m making brats braised with apples and onions in a cast iron pan and cooked with two bottles of Bold Rock Hard Cider. It’s a super easy meal to make and can be prepped hours before making dinner.

These brats can be served in rolls but I prefer to serve the brats, along with the cooked onions and apples, over Yorkshire puddings. I love Yorkshire puddings, but I find them hard to make. This website, Serious Eats, has the best description and video on how to make different types of Yorkshire puddings that I’ve ever seen. So I’m linking it here!

I hope you all have a great Halloween weekend and get all the candy you can possibly eat!



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