It’s the third week of Samantha Barclay’s Ghost Tour party, and tonight she’s serving Shredded Chicken Burritos with a cheesy jalapeño sauce! It’s so easy and most of the work is done in the slow cooker!

Samantha ~ “Now that we’ve stuffed ourselves on appetizers, and it’s starting to get dark, it’s time to serve the main course. Since I had to work all day, I went for one of my easiest recipes: Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Burritos. After letting the chicken cook for hours, I just rolled it into a flour tortilla, added some shredded cheese, baked it in the oven, and made a yummy cheesy-chili sauce.

From the empty trays, it appears everyone is loving the meal. The men of Iron Rack’s gym, including my boyfriend Pete, are even scrounging for third helpings. (I probably should’ve made more!)

As the sky darkens, and the tiny lights in the courtyard trees come on, I start getting everyone ready for the tour–with a ghost story! This one is one of my favorites, about one of the most famous houses in the Savannah.

Over a century ago, one of the original owners of this house threw herself out of a second-story balcony after learning about her husband’s affair. The mistress then hanged herself in the house two weeks later. Both women have been seen wandering the halls at night while weeping. The house also sits on a field where a brutal Revolutionary War battle had been fought in 1779 and hundreds of men died horrible, violent deaths. This event has led to people seeing specters of wounded soldiers and hearing heart-wrenching cries of pain.

Regardless of why, I know that every time I leave that house during the daytime I feel nauseous and lightheaded and my cell phone doesn’t work. When I visit at night, I see shadows of 18th century-dressed men in the corners and hear unexplained crying on the second floor.

As I tell these stories, one of the men’s faces pales. It’s Calum Prioleau, the richest men in Savannah and also a good friend of Pete’s and the other men at Iron Rack’s gym. I’m sure Calum is upset because all of these creepy stories I’m telling happened in his house. For some reason he’s been unaffected, but I know for a fact that my boyfriend Pete, my best friend Juliet and her husband Rafe, and Nate’s wife Sarah have all had strange encounters in that house. And to make things more interesting, Calum hosts a weekly movie night for all of the men–all ex-Green Berets who are now afraid of ghosts!! LOL

As I talk, and everyone start’s looking over their shoulder, I ask Juliet to go grab the dessert. Once we finish here, we’re off on our Ghost Tour. And I can’t wait to take Kells Torridan’s men–the ex Green Berets of the 7th Special Forces Group–to every haunted house in this city. I just wish you could join us!”


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