The day after Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a day where we all rest, eat leftover pie, and do something fun like go on a hike or head to our favorite thrift shop in the mountains. Regardless of what we do, I know I’m going to have to feed lots of people. So I usually find my crock pot and figure out a solution that will make all ages happy!

This year I’m making Slow Cooker Turkey Dumpling Soup, and I’m borrowing another crockpot so I can double the recipe. That will give me a warm, satisfying dinner for 16 people. It’s an easy dinner to serve on trays for those who want to sit around the outside fire pit, or for the kids who want to watch Christmas movies in the family room. I always serve this dish with a green salad on the side, and follow up with leftover pies for dessert. It’s a perfect way to end the day with family and friends!


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