It’s week four of my DIY Christmas and today I’m making Sugar Ginger Pecans. My husband’s family is from Charleston, SC and this recipe (from my SIL) is a staple of every holiday cocktail party we attend when we’re in town.

These nuts are easy to make but they do taste better the second day so I try to make them a few days before I give them away. The problem with these nuts, though, is that you have to eat them alone otherwise people will look at you strangely as you shove fistfuls into your mouth while you hide in the corner of the dining room. They are that good! But that’s also what makes them a perfect holiday gift. They can be packaged in colorful cellophane, glass jars, or vintage cookie tins. And if you’re giving them as a gift, I suggest you slip a recipe card inside because the giftee will definitely be asking for the recipe later!


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  1. Michelle Ayers says:

    Ohh I will have to try this recipe!

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