The Summer Promise

Sometimes the happiest endings begin with a broken promise.

When Army Ranger Gage Mosby returns to Kingsmill, Virginia, deep in the Shenandoah Mountains, he’s in for a reckoning. His father’s death has caused chaos in the family, his older brothers have lost control of their Motorcycle Club to a local thug, and his grown nephews are living irresponsible lives of debauchery. But the person he’s most worried about is Lily Dunmore. The beautiful woman he’d promised to love forever before he betrayed her. 

Lily Dunmore, a celebrated pastry chef in Paris, has found a place in the world that’s safe and secure. A place far away from small-town gossip and sad memories. After being left at the altar by one man, and betrayed by another, she became the girl everyone felt sorry for–until she moved to Paris. But when Lily returns home unexpectedly, she discovers that running from her past has left her vulnerable to deeply buried feelings and long-forgotten dreams. Dreams about Gage Mosby, the man she’s never forgotten. The man she still loves. 

Once the long-separated lovers meet again, they’ll have to decide if risking their hearts and forgiving each other is worth a lifetime of happiness.

The Summer Promise, a Kingsmill Courtship prequel, debuts on 6/11/24 in That One Summer, a limited summer romance anthology.

Your summer just got a whole lot hotter…

Dive into a steaming hot summer with That One Summer, a limited-edition collection that will transport you into the heart of the steamiest love affairs. Whether you crave the excitement of a big-city romance, the charm of a small-town affair, or the allure of an island getaway, these stories push the boundaries of passion.

Embark on a journey where friends become lovers, enemies discover surprising attractions, and strangers find themselves entangled in a magnetic pull they never saw coming. From sultry beachfront rendezvous to nights of sinful pleasure, these tales promise to awaken your deepest desires and leave you breathless for more.

Will sparks fly? Can a summer fling turn into a love that lasts all seasons? Order your copy now and let the summer of seduction begin!

I know this is a bit confusing, and I didn’t mean for the books in this series to come out in a hodge-podgy way, but due to my traditional publishing submission dates which keep changing, as well as trying to keep up my own indie pub dates and general life chaos, these novellas haven’t been published in order–yet. My goal is to have them all finished and in Kindle Unlimited by the middle of next year. Your patience, dear reader, is much appreciated! 

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