This month’s Writer Wednesdays post is about our favorite places to read and write. Since I love to to do both, I have lots of corners to work in depending on what the family is doing and whether or not I need to hide. For my writing, I have four places:

A narrow desk in my kitchen that’s also the center of the household.


My dining room table. (Yes, I’m a messy writer!)


A tiny bedroom we now use as an upstairs study/sitting room.

(We call it the “escape from the teenagers” room!)


And my absolute favorite (super tiny) local cafe!



I often end up reading in my car while waiting for kids. But when I can get away alone, here are few of my favorite places to read:

My desk in the kitchen.


My garden swing (also a favorite with the kids and dog!)


Joe and Donut

The beach. Always so beautiful!


My comfy chair and ottoman in my tiny sitting room.

(Encouragement pillow courtesy of the amazing Lisa Dyson!)


My favorite cafe. Again.


My fire pit on the back deck.


And when there’s no other place to hide, there’s always the floor!


Now I’d love to know your favorite places to read and/or write!

Thank your for spending the day with us. Below is a link of my Golden Heart sisters who are participating in today’s blog party. Hope to see you next month!

Contemporary romance writers Tamra Baumann – Priscilla Oliveras – Shelly Alexander |Romantic suspense writers Carol Post  | Novels with romantic elements Jean Willett | Faith-based and sweet romance writers Kristen Ethridge 

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All photographs courtesy of Sharon Wray. Copyright 2016.

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  1. Love all the pics of your writing and reading spots. And it’s wonderful to see your kids sharing your love of reading with you!

    I saw your beach pic and thought: Hmm…. we need to take a beach writing/reading retreat sometime soon. 🙂

    San Diego can’t get her soon enough!

    1. I would so love a beach retreat. But, honestly, I don’t anything like that will happen until after the kids are in college. But at least there’s RWA to look forward to! 🙂

  2. Very nice to see both of your kids vying for “reading spots” around the house! Like you, I write all over the house, but I wasn’t brave enough to show my office right now because I have too many balls in the air and it shows! LOL

    1. Tammy, if I waited to take a photo when the house was clean there’d be no photos ever! The house is small and filled with teenagers–so for now it is what it is and I just have to celebrate that! 🙂

  3. shellycalexander says:

    All look like wonderful spots for reading and writing. I particularly love your colorful Post-It Notes. They keep my world right. LOL!

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I don’t know what I’d do with my post-its! 🙂

  4. I’m like you, Sharon. I can write just about anywhere. Great pictures and love seeing your kids reading!

    1. Thanks, Sandra! It is a blessing that I can write anywhere. The one photo I didn’t include is my minivan and I should’ve because I do more writing and reading there than anyplace else! LOL.

  5. Great pics, Sharon! I love all the Post-Its! I’m always intrigued with other writers’ processes.

    1. Thanks, Carol. I always love hearing about other people’s processes as well!

  6. You make me feel like snuggling up on the swing, Sharon, but I wouldn’t want to dislodge one of the kids. Lol. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Diana. Yes, you might have to fight your way onto that swing!

  7. Beautiful post, Sharon. I love the area around the firepit with the autumn leaves! I can tell you’re a serious plotter, lol. I have a space at the kitchen table overlooking our cherry tree, which is in full bloom and very distracting right now 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jacquie! I can’t wait until our cherry blossoms bloom in a few weeks. But I still have a few piles of snow lying around. I find wanting to get out into the garden in spring the biggest distraction of all! 🙂

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