Forever and Always

She must defeat a 17th century curse to save their happy ending.

Juliet Capel, from a remote southern sea isle shrouded in history and secrets, has always feared the Capel curse. A centuries-old story that says a Capel woman will never find happiness with a man from the Montfort family. Yet, despite the threats of death and destruction, she’s determined to marry Rafe Montfort, the only man she’s ever loved. Except her father won’t walk her down the aisle, the people of the isle refuse to come to the wedding, and a missing package means she’s a bride without a dress. 

Green Beret Rafe Montfort is determined to marry the woman he’s adored his entire life. But first he has to convince the people of Isle of Grace, where they both grew up, to support Juliet on her wedding day despite an accused witch’s curse and her father’s fear of strange bowing men who roam the isle. Then Rafe must prove to Juliet the 17th century curse isn’t real and that risking her heart is the only way to find a forever-and-always kind of love. Even if it means leaving the isle, and everyone she loves, behind forever.

Forever and Always, the first prequel in the Deadly Force series, is currently only available in a free newsletter giveaway with 12 other authors.

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