The Brightest Christmas Star

When her Christmas wish unexpectedly comes true, everything changes.

Sophie Sinclair, a woman who’s never experienced a real Christmas, is a true Santa skeptic with Scrooge-like tendencies. Yet now that she’s found the love of her life in Kingsmill, VA, a town deep in the Shenandoah Mountains, she’s determined to belong in this tight-knit community as herself, not just as the sheriff’s girlfriend. So when Santa’s parade is canceled due to a shocking theft, she volunteers to run the parade. She’s determined to save the town’s Christmas tradition.

With only 48 hours until the parade begins, she discovers there’s no money, no volunteers, no Santa, someone has set the church on fire, and a winter storm is on its way. She also has another worry. Her boyfriend Ben Mosby, the town’s bad boy-turned-sheriff, is hunting a member of an outlaw motorcycle club. An arsonist who’s armed, dangerous, and searching for Sophie.

In the midst of Kingsmill’s traditional holiday chaos, Sheriff Ben Mosby’s heart is divided between duty and love. He’s determined to make all of Sophie’s holiday dreams come true. But when an outlaw MC brother arrives, threatening their festivities and everyone he loves, his protective instincts demand a dangerous manhunt during a massive snowstorm.

Sophie fears failing her newfound community if she cancels the parade, especially now that the outlaw biker is looking for her, so she makes a desperate wish on the town’s Christmas star. Except, since she doesn’t believe in Christmas magic, things don’t happen the way she expects–and she could lose everything.

The Brightest Christmas Star was in the Let’s Get Naughty Vol. 2 limited edition romance anthology!

I know this is a bit confusing, and I didn’t mean for the books in this series to come out in a hodge-podgy way, but due to my traditional publishing submission dates which keep changing, as well as trying to keep up my own indie pub dates and general life chaos, these novellas haven’t been published in order–yet. My goal is to have them all finished and in Kindle Unlimited by the middle of next year. Your patience, dear reader, is much appreciated! 

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