It’s been a busy week (writing, cleaning, cooking, and trying not to stress) but I’m excited because LOVE’S LAST KISS, the next book in the Deadly Force series is going well and should be out this summer. And on Thursday, April 30, IN SEARCH OF TRUTH, book 3 in the Deadly Force series, will be the topic of the Isn’t It Romantic Book Club–Facebook’s newest livestream book club. I hope you can join us for the fun and games and giveaways!

In the meantime, it’s time for the next installment of the Hungry {Romance} Writer’s micro story about Iron Rack’s Whiskey Challenge. A challenge where the men of the Deadly Force series, who all work at a run-down, pirate-themed gym in Savannah, have been competing in a culinary contest where the main ingredient is bourbon. Over the past few weeks we’ve had Zack Tremaine’s Bread Pudding and Whiskey Sauce, Alex Mitchell’s Bourbon Burgers, and Ty Brigg’s Bourbon Ribs. And this week we have Cain Marun’s Bourbon Bacon Grilled Cheese!

Cain Marun ~ “Finally it’s my turn in the kitchen. I don’t normally say that since my beautiful wife Charlotte does most of the cooking, but I’m tired of Zack’s constant complaints about the meals we make on our assigned dinner nights. Because most of us live above Iron Rack’s Gym in a sketchy part of town and have less than no money, we take turns making dinner.

Luckily, Charlotte and I found a tiny apartment (thanks to Calum!) near where Samantha (Pete’s girlfriend) and Rafe and Juliet (another buddy and his wife) live. Although Charlotte is a psychologist, she could only find a part-time job here in Savannah–so we’re short of cash as well. Charlotte is also a photographer and has been trying to hustle up jobs on the side. That means I’m usually on my own when I have to feed my men on my assigned dinner nights.

But, honestly, I don’t think Charlotte would help me anyway. Despite the fact she adores me and my buddies, she’s annoyed at us. She’s always scolding us like a magpie. She doesn’t understand why my men and I (all ex-Green Berets) were dishonorably discharged and are now fighting to regain our honor. But it’s an equal-opportunity annoyance. She’s also furious at the man who set us up, furious at the secret congressional committee that found us guilty, and really furious that some of my men were sent to prison.

As far as she’s concerned everyone involved in destroying our careers should be thrown off a cliff. And since my men and I let it happen (because apparently we weren’t paying attention), our penance should be endless nights of Hamburger Helper and tuna sandwiches.

Still, when she heard about Zack’s cooking contest, where the women we love are the final judges, she was all in. She even offered to set the table on the patio behind the gym so it would look nice. 🙂 Since I’ve now seen the competition, I know exactly what I’m going to make: Bourbon Bacon Grilled Cheese. Everyone loves grilled cheese sandwiches, and mine are filled with lots of bourbony and bacony goodness. Even Charlotte, who is trying to be an impartial judge, believes I’m going to win.

I’ll admit–it doesn’t hurt that my wife is a final judge. But I’m also not above stacking things in my favor. So besides making an awesome meal, and ensuring that we have music to dance to on the patio after dinner (I’m an awesome dancer), I have one more angle to exploit. Since I work all the time (teaching classes in the gym, weight training, clearing out tunnels beneath the city, and serving as a bouncer at that sleazy club Rage of Angels), Charlotte is alone a lot. She’s been talking about getting a dog, and I was hesitant because of money and time and space. But, with the help of my buddy Detective Garza, I’m surprising Charlotte with a pound dog (because it’s all I can afford) named Calico Jack.

Charlotte is going to love Calico Jack. Between giving my beautiful wife the dog she’s always wanted, and making the most awesome grilled cheese ever, I can’t lose. :)”


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