It’s snowing today and I’m not surprised because March is always a month of contradictions. The ever-shifting weather, while offering promises of spring, also brings bouts of anxiety and depression which I put down to the lack of sunshine. Add in the stress of the world, and this author has found herself struggling to remain hopeful.

Since I hate self-pity, I joined up with a group of authors in a new charity anthology for those who are suffering in Ukraine. It is titled Hope for Ukraine: A Charity Anthology. Stories of Hope, Courage, and Strength. This anthology comes out on May 24, 2022 and is now available for preorder on most book vendors.

Per the publisher: “The struggles faced by the Ukrainian people are grave, their situation heart-wrenching. But their bravery during these dark days has been a light that has captivated and won the hearts of the world. The stories compiled in Hope for Ukraine seek to capture the essence of resilience and courage that we see daily in the Ukrainian people. This anthology includes tales of perseverance, overcoming insurmountable odds, sacrifice, tenacity, and redemption from a variety of genres. While no one knows what the future holds, one thing is clear: the road forward for Ukraine will be a difficult one. As such, all proceeds from sales of Hope for Ukraine will be donated to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, in the hopes that we, too, can be a beacon of light, love, and hope for those facing darkness and despair.”

For my contribution, I will be publishing a Deadly Force short story, Forever & Always. This short story takes place on Rafe and Juliet’s wedding day (A prequel to Every Deep Desire). Many, many things go wrong… yet Juliet and Rafe learn that no matter how the world is stacked against them, there is always hope. A promise that, during these still-dark days of winter, is worth remembering.

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