Join me, along with some of your favorite romance authors, in a fictional Christmas world where holiday magic grants wishes to people who seek true love. While each author is writing and publishing their own stories within their own worlds, every book in the Snowed in for Christmas Series is connected by a magical element–in my stories it’s a secluded cabin–that makes Christmas dreams come true. These romances also trend to the steamier/sexier side of things, but some romantic situations will stay behind closed doors.

This world, which is related to the Wishing for Love Series, takes place in remote cottage up the coast from Glacier Falls, a charming-yet-forgotten coastal town in Northern Maine. It begins with a 2024 prequel novella, Snowed in on Christmas Eve. The series will continue with one or two single title romance novels published every December.

Snowed in on Christmas Eve

Prequel novella coming September 2024.

Snowed in with my Enemy

Book 1 coming December 2024.

Snowed in with my Ex-Fiance

Book 2 coming September 2025.

Snowed in with my Rival

Book 3 coming December 2025.