I recently started a new motorcycle club (MC ) romance series called The Devil’s Renegades. This series is connected to my Kingsmill Courtship series and my Deadly Force series as well as a super secret project I’m working on with my agents. The first book in this series, The Darkest Renegade, is currently in the Wrong Side of the Tracks MC romance anthology. This anthology is in Kindle Unlimited but it is also available in paperback and regular Kindle. Once this anthology is taken down, I will republish my story on its own.

Wrong Side of the Tracks is a motorcycle club romance anthology, and I’m so excited to have a story included in this collection with contemporary heroines who fall in love with the most unlikely of heroes. The stories include betrayals, suspense, and lots of action, and every story promises a deeply satisfying happily ever after. But order quickly as this anthology will be coming down September 20, 2023.

The Darkest Renegade

Is a lifetime of happiness worth betraying those you love?

Isolde O’Cleary is on the run. From her family’s business. From her stepfather. From the Black Jacks, the outlaw MC who’ve been paid to hunt her down. So where does a rich Boston socialite go after stealing something of great value? Something her stepfather will do anything to retrieve? She hides in a tiny town deep in the Virginia mountains and takes a job at a dive biker bar.

It’s a perfect temporary haven… until she meets Hawk Mosby, the V.P. of the Devil’s Renegades, a rival outlaw MC at war with the Black Jacks. Unfortunately Hawk, with his sexy smile and hardcore body, is a difficult man to ignore, in bed and out of it. Every time she steps into his arms, she forgets no one can be trusted. Ever.

Hawk Mosby is a man ruined by a past betrayal and now dedicated to his brothers in the MC, until he meets Isolde.

The beautiful, mysterious woman is more than just a nighttime distraction. She has warmed his cold, dead heart and reminded him of everything he’d once loved and lost. But when he discovers her secret–which comes with an army of Black Jacks behind her–he has to make a decision. Betray her to save his MC or put his brothers in peril.

It’s a no-win situation until the Black Jacks blow down the doors of the Devil’s Renegades clubhouse and Hawk is forced to decide who he loves more. His brothers who saved him when he needed it most, or the woman who’s brought meaning back into his life.

One thing they both know for certain. Even if they make it out alive, there will be collateral damage. The kind of damage that lasts forever.

Love, loyalty, and betrayal…
Check out 15 passionate & thrilling Motorcycle Club romances that will keep you turning the pages until the very romantic end.

These men are used to getting their hands dirty, but it’s all about loyalty and brotherhood. When they hurt, their brothers hurt. And when someone crosses them… watch out…

Packed with danger, action and suspense, these stories are written by some of your favorite romance authors. So go ahead and binge read this Limited Edition Contemporary Romance Anthology from start to finish. But do it quickly since this anthology comes down September 20, 2023.

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