In one of my most recent releases, Home for the Honeymoon (found in the Let’s Get Naughty Limited Edition Romance Anthology), my hero and heroine (Jacob and Clara Mosby) have a Christmas Eve wedding… in the middle of a snowstorm. Here is the blurb for my story in this USA Today bestselling collection:

Home for the Honeymoon

How far will a man go to save his marriage?

Jacob Mosby is getting married the day before Christmas Eve and is desperate to be alone with his bride. Except when a blizzard cancels their flight and closes the mountain roads, they’re forced to honeymoon in their small hometown of Kingsmill, VA. Unfortunately, his house is under renovation, all the rooms at the inn are booked, and Clara, his beautiful wife, is desperate to save their plans. 

Clara is terrified if she doesn’t have the perfect honeymoon their marriage will end before it begins. While it’s a ridiculous thought, past betrayals have made her determined to have a perfect wedding night. Except now that they’re stuck in Kingsmill two days before Christmas, with no place to sleep, her fears may come true. Especially when their friends and family insist on “helping” with the new honeymoon plans, her teenage daughter goes missing, and a dangerous snowstorm puts those she loves in danger.

Now Jacob must convince Clara that true love, especially at Christmas, doesn’t promise a perfect life. It only promises a lifetime of imperfect happiness. A promise that’s worth sacrificing everything for… including the wedding night she’s always dreamed of.

So this month on the Hungry {Romance} Writer, I’m going to share some of the recipes served at this beautiful wedding. The first recipe served at this Christmas reception is a warm Camembert cheese topped with a cranberry orange compote. It’s not just delicious, it’s beautiful as well!


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