I can’t believe 2019 is almost over. The year has gone by so quickly and I’m not quite ready to see it leave. So much has happened, both great and not so great, and I need some time to savor and reflect. The third book in the Deadly Force Series, IN SEARCH OF TRUTH, comes out in February and I’m also finishing up a novella in the Deadly Force world. And I need time to submit new work to my agent and plot out book four in the Deadly Series.

My website also needs some attention. So, on January 1, I’m taking the site down for two weeks for much-needed updates and refurbishment. I am so looking forward to making some changes to my blog and social media sites in anticipation of having two more releases this winter. And I appreciate your patience while I take the site down temporarily.

Since this is the last Friday in December, it’s also the last episode of Sarah and Nate’s (the heroine and hero of ONE DARK WISH) first Christmas together. It’s midnight and even though everyone is supposed to be asleep, the nearby cathedral bells have woken Sarah up. She’s now in the kitchen, with only the Christmas tree as a nightlight, and is drinking a homemade Peppermint Mocha Latte.

Sarah Munro ~ “As I put the pots in the sink, I hear the bells in the nearby St. John the Baptist Cathedral start ringing. They’re playing Silent Night and for some reason my eyes tear up. I take my Peppermint Mocha Latte and sit on the couch next to the Christmas tree. The colorful lights sparkle and a crystal ornament catches the moonlight, scattering it throughout the room.

I sip the peppermint-coffee-chocolate-heavenly drink and draw a velvet blanket over my lap. The house is cold now and the men I love are asleep. It’s the first moment of quiet I’ve had in weeks. Between work and getting ready for the holidays, I’ve had hardly any time just to savor the season and anticipate the upcoming year. So much has happened this year, both terrifying and wonderful, and I’m happier than I ever thought possible. The problem is I’m also worried. Especially about the future.

My husband Nate (an ex-Green Beret) has almost fully recovered physically from his time in the POW camp. But I can see the truth in his green eyes. The monster who imprisoned him and destroyed his career, as well as the lives of his men, is still out there. And considering what’s been going on the past few months since we got married, I know that this villain is gearing up for another battle. A battle I’m not sure Nate and his men can win. They have no money, no power, no support of any kind. They run a decrepit, smelly, pirate-themed gym in the not-so-nice part of Savannah and work as bouncers at a local strip club. While they listen to the local chatter, they have no access to real intel. All they have is each other, and that terrifies me.

“Hey.” Nate appears in the doorway, and I smile at him. He normally doesn’t wear pjs of any kind but tonight he’s wearing a robe. Probably because he didn’t want to accidentally flash my dad.

“Hey.” I try not to sniffle but fail miserably.

He frowns and hurries over. Once he’s settled on the couch, with me in his arms and the blanket around us, he takes a sip of my drink and wrinkles his nose. He doesn’t like peppermint.

“I can make you something–“

“I’m fine.” He kisses my head. “I’m worried about you because I suspect you’re worried about me.”

I nod and rest against his warm body. The bells are now playing the Wexford Carol and I close my eyes.

“It’s going to be okay.” His whisper tickles my hair.

“You don’t know that. The night I was kidnapped, you almost didn’t find me in time.”

“But I did find you.” He tightens his arm around my shoulder. “I’ll always find you.”

I open my eyes and shift to see his face. “Nate–“

“Sarah.” He kisses my nose. “I know things seem…unsettled–“


“Maybe. But my men and I are highly trained and ready for whatever happens next.”

“That’s the problem, Nate. What’s next might be even scarier. Even worse–“

“Sweetheart,” he pauses as the bells shift into the my favorite carol Lo, How a Rose E’re Blooming. “Do you know how I know we’re going to win, not just the next battle but the entire war?”

I shake my head and finish my drink. Then I snuggle against him.

“My men and I have two things our enemy doesn’t have. Two things our enemy has no concept of. Two things that ensures we will prevail.”

“These magical things…are they weapons?”

“No.” He chuckles. “First, my men and I have each other’s backs. Always.”

“And the second thing?”

A smile breaks up the hard angles of his face and he kisses me gently. “We have love. And, as you’re always reminding me, love saves all things.”

I stare at him for a long moment, backlit by the colorful Christmas tree while the bells continue their carols, and take his face in my hands. “I’m about to give you one of your Christmas presents.”

He grins. “You’re going to say my favorite words?”

“A variation of such, I suppose.” I kiss him one more time before saying, “You may be right.”

“And you have another present for me?

“Some surprises are for Christmas morning.” Instead of pressing my hand against my stomach, I whisper in his ear, “Some surprises are worth the wait.”


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