Every year, after Thanksgiving dinner is over and the kitchen is clean, my family sits down to watch a holiday movie. While I’ve written before about some of my favorite holiday movies and favorite holiday TV movies, today I’d like to focus on older, classic holiday movies. Many of which were filmed in black and white (although a few were filmed with early color technology or were colorized in the early 1990s).

What makes a classic movie? For me, a classic movie is one that I can’t wait to watch every year, a movie that has been remade multiple times, and a movie that I remember watching as a kid–even though I thought these movies were ancient even then! While there’s a serious lack of modern technology, fancy CGI graphics, and even diversity in casting, these movies all have a similar theme: This holiday season is one filled with hope, compassion, and love. Three things the world always needs more of.

I’ve included the trailers for each movie. For a full description, including ratings, click here for the IMDB website. (I’m not posting the individual reviews due to copyright issues)

I hope you enjoy them!

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