I’m so excited because for the month of July, I’m handing The Hungry {Romance} Writer blog over to Samantha Barclay!

Samantha is a secondary character in my Deadly Force Series who will, one day, have a Happily Ever After of her own. But, for now, she’s dating one of the ex-Green Berets living at Iron Rack’s gym and working three jobs including one as a ghost tour guide in the historic city of Savannah, GA.

A few weeks ago she came to me and asked if she could take charge of the recipes for the month of July because she was hosting a Ghost Hunting Party for her friends–the men and women in the series. Since I’m going on vacation, I said “Sure!”

I hope you enjoy Samantha. Although she’s still a secondary character, she commands every page she’s on!

Samantha ~ “Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Barclay and I’m a secondary character (and future heroine!) in Sharon’s Deadly Force romantic suspense series. I’m a girl from New Orleans who moved to Savannah, GA a few years ago, mostly to get away from a bad situation. But since tonight is about having fun, we’re not talking about the past!

I am Juliet Capel Montfort’s best friend (Juliet is the heroine in Every Deep Desire) and I work in her landscape architect firm Juliet’s Lily. I also work part-time at night as a tour guide for Got Ghosts?, a local ghost tour company, and I help out at the front desk at Iron Rack’s gym.

Seriously, Kells Torridan’s men (the ex-Green Beret heroes of the Deadly Force series) needed help answering the phones! And did I mention I’m also dating one of these men? His name is Pete White Horse and I adore him. (He’s also totally hot!)

Anyway, it’s been a long few months dealing with arms dealers, villains, betrayals, secrets and lies, and weddings and we all need a break! So I got permission to take us all on a ghost tour of Savannah. But since it’s summer, and doesn’t get dark until after nine pm, I’m throwing a dinner party first. And you’re invited!!

Now that all the men are here, along with three of their wives (Juliet, Charlotte, and Sarah), it’s time to get started. We’re in the courtyard with a fountain between Juliet’s Lily and Dessie’s Dress Shop. Both buildings are old, historic homes that have been renovated with storefronts on the first floor and apartments on the second. (I live above Juliet’s Lily while Juliet and her husband Rafe live above Dessie’s)

All of the men came early to set up picnic tables, and Pete is helping me at the bar. Since it’s still early, and I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves as we walk down into haunted tunnels(!), I’m starting out with a non-alcoholic drink. It’s one of my Nana’s favorites: Sweet Lime Iced Tea. It’s sweet, tart, and homemade. Perfect for a humid, summer evening spent with friends.

Vane and Alex are arguing about the music that Ty has chosen. Cain and his wife Charlotte are talking with Nate and his new wife Sarah. Rafe and Zack are helping Juliet put out the food just as Detective Garza and Calum Prioleau appear. Kells hasn’t come yet, but he promised he’d be here before the tour starts.

Now we’re all here, and Pete is toasting his friends with the iced tea, it’s time to get the party started. Like I mentioned earlier, tonight is about having fun and not worrying about when our enemies will attack again. One thing I’ve learned since meeting Kells Torridan’s men is that you have to take advantage of the good, quiet times. Because, considering the ferocity of their enemy Remiel Marigny (and the way Sharon plots these books), I have no doubt trouble is coming.

But tonight? It’s all about friendship and scary fun. And that’s how it should be!! I also want to thank Ty for choosing the music, despite all of his buddies’ griping and their rolling eyeballs. Yes, tonight is going to be perfect!”


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