I know today isn’t Friday, but it’s the last day of the month which makes it a bonus THRW day! It’s also the last segment of Carina Prioleau’s New Year’s Brunch. Carina is a character in my romantic suspense Deadly Force Series and this month she’s been hosting a brunch for the other women in the series.

It’s been so much fun learning more about Carina and today’s she’s serving Rum Raisin Cake.

Carina Prioleau: “I can’t believe it’s time for dessert! Since it’s warmed up outside, I’m serving Rum Raisin Cake and Coffee Hot Chocolate in the conservatory. Although we’ve been talking about the men we love, and how they drive us crazy, our conversation has floated back to my Christmas Toy Foundation and how Sarah, Juliet, and Samantha have agreed to serve on the board to help the Foundation grow. They’re so excited and the ideas are flowing.

Sarah has handed out pencils and notebooks (which she keeps in her handbag) and started with the list-making and delegating. As a natural delegator, I’m impressed with how quickly Sarah has organized the new ideas. Today, for the first time, I feel like I’m spending the time with friends instead of just fundraising, campaigning, and ordering others around. (I don’t order others around, but my twin brother believes I do!)

It’s been a wonderful party and, as the women prepare to leave, I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. It’s been a bittersweet holiday since it’s the first year without my husband, but today has given me hope and reminded me that as long as I have friends I’ll never be alone. “


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